Clipcode Reviews provide software development teams with constructive analysis of the organisational and technical activities of their planned and on-going projects. It includes evaluation of completed tasks, identification of potential pitfalls and discussion of how the work should evolve. For developers starting out with new technologies, it can confirm they are working in the right direction, or help put a project back on the correct track. Even for experienced teams, a second opinion can be highly useful.

Architecture Review with Incremental Rearchitecture provides an examination of the chosen architecture (which could be described with any combination of design document, UML models, Wiki, a simple flipchart or XP acceptance tests). It covers evaluation of technology fundamentals, sub-system design (their external interfaces and internal design notes) and ongoing incremental rearchitecture.

Code Review with Refactoring involves a code walkthrough to validate that good quality code has being written, that it adheres to agreed coding standards and that it avoids common mistakes. It also covers code refactoring and unit testing.

Security Model Review analyses the design and implementation of a project from a rigorous security perspective. Has appropriate consideration been given to security at each stage of the project? Are common security coding pitfalls eliminated? How difficult would it be to break into the system?

Corporate Software Engineering Strategy Review helps an organisation's CTO and senior technologists to review their software technology plans for the next two years, to evaluate product concepts, to identify potential software projects, to consider alternative solutions & to be aware of the unfolding competitive landscape.

Agile Process Review verifies that the software development process is well-structured according to agile principles and flexible enough to efficiently cope with rapidly evolving needs of customers.

Requirements with Use Cases Review assesses the requirements gathered for a project, to verify that they identify all the stakeholders and their interests, describe all functional and non-functional requirements and that they provide suitable guidance for design. It includes detailed review of the use case scenarios.

User Interface Review evaluates both web and rich-client user interfaces to ensure they achieve quality task-focused usability & logical control of user context (metaphors/discoverability/tolerance/consistency)

System Testing Review verifies that an appropriate system testing strategy is in place for a project. It covers component integration / installation / system / systems integration / acceptance tests.

Technical Content Review examines written communications produced as part of the project to inform/educate/persuade an external audience of technical architects and software engineers (e.g. SDKs, Programming Guides, Technical Overviews, Pre-sales Technical Presentations, Technical Training Courses, Technical Whitepapers).

Reviews typically take 2-5 days.

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