Clipcode Content can provide you with written communications to help you inform/educate/persuade other technical architects and software engineers. This includes creation of:
  • Journal Article (sample)
  • Standard (sample : This defines SOAP over IETF BEEP - note the core feature of BEEP, that of multiplexing multiple concurrent messaging channels over a single secure connection, is the central feature of HTTP/3)
  • Patent (sample)
  • Technical Presentation (sample)
  • Technical Training Course (samples)
  • Source Tour (sample)
  • Reference Architecture (sample)
  • Concept Diagrams (sample)
  • Technical Interview (sample)
  • Design Patterns (sample)
  • Developer Guide (sample)
  • Code Snippets
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Technical Whitepaper (sample)
  • Research Paper (sample)
  • Software Development Kit - SDK
  • Something different (sample)

If your dev team is starting an important project and needs help, please contact us via email at to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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