TypeScript 1-Day On-Site Training Course

Clipcode is pleased to announce its new one-day intensive training course on TypeScript, available for on-site presentation anywhere in Europe for teams of four or more developers.

The TypeScript programming language extends ECMAScript 2015 (the standardised version of JavaScript) with a range of object-oriented features, such as generics and richer type annotations. Google's wonderful new Angular 2 Framework (which itself is written in TypeScript, as are more apps written using Angular 2) is the most advanced web client framework available for production use.

Clipcode's 1-Day TypeScript Course is code-intensive with plenty of hands-on labs, and covers the following:

  • TypeScript Tour
  • Primitive Types And Values
  • Object Types (e.g. Call Sig, Method Sig, Construct Sig, Index Sig)
  • Interfaces, Classes and Mixins
  • Generics and Constraints
  • Collection and Combination Types (Union/Intersection/Tuple Types)
  • Modules and Namespaces

The target audience for this course is senior software engineers experienced in object-oriented programming with a background in web development.

This course is written and presented by Eamon O'Tuathail. If you would like to arrange an on-site presentation of this course for your development team anywhere in Europe, please email Eamon at

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