Clipcode Training

Angular 2.2 using TypeScript 2 Training Course
Available on-site throughout Europe

Written and presented by Eamon O'Tuathail
(author of Clipcode Source Tour For Angular 2)

If you have any questions about this course or would like to arrange an on-site presentation for your team anywhere in Europe, please email Eamon at

The TypeScript 2 programming language extends ECMAScript 2015 (the class-based standardised version of JavaScript) with a range of object-oriented features, such as generics and richer type annotations. Google's wonderful new Angular 2.2 Framework (which itself is written in TypeScript, as are most Angular 2.2-based apps) is the most advanced web client framework available for production use. Together they provide a very solid foundation for development of modern web applications.

Clipcode's Angular 2.2 using TypeScript 2 training course is code-intensive with plenty of hands-on labs, and covers the following:

  • TypeScript Type Foundations
  • Object Types (e.g. Call Sig, Method Sig, Construct Sig, Index Sig)
  • Generics and Constraints
  • Angular 2 Framework Tour
  • Angular 2 Template Syntax
  • Databinding in-depth
  • Dependency Injection
  • Platforms
  • HTTP Client
  • Forms
  • Router
  • Running Angular in web workers
  • RxJS, EventEmitters and NgZone
  • SecurityContext, Sanitizers, Element Schema, XSRFStrategy

The target audience for this course is software engineers experienced in object-oriented programming with a background in web development. This is not an introductory course.

Machine Setup

Developers attending this course need to bring their own laptops with them.

This is the recommended machine setup

Useful Content

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